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Introducing the H2H Method

The H2H Method for Cold Calling is the most comprehensive methodology on cold phone calling from philosophy to frameworks. In an  age of digital marketers and skeptical buyers, sales people, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs  need to be more skilled while also being trustworthy – a very difficult line to balance.

Why You Should Read Trust Call

Trust Call is the first publicly available book on a fully comprehensive and connected cold call methodology. Touching every part of the gamut from philosophy to frameworks, the method is designed for salespeople, managers, leadership, and entrepreneurs to finally have a proven message for building trust with potential customers and setting up quality next steps towards sales development goals.

What You Will Learn

Why The H2H Method

  • Learn and use the history of bad sales techniques as leverage for trust building conversations
  • Learn the successful values and characteristics of a successful cold call conversation for intentional conversation
  • Learn the objectives of a 21st century cold call conversation
  • Learn the 3 cold call frameworks that convert based on persona and industry marketed
  • Learn the steps of a cold call that act as a guardrail for rocky conversations
About The Creator

Meet Ryan Pereus

Ryan Pereus is the founder and CEO of Superhuman Prospecting, an outsourced sales development company with US based team members. He is also the founder and general manager of Philadelphia Heritage, an amateur and semi professional soccer club competing in minor league soccer. He created H2H as a way to maximize performance when people and relationships are involved.

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The Reviews Are In!

Hear what industry experts have to say about Trust Call and The H2H Method.

Dr. Willy Bolander
Dr. Willy BolanderProfessor at Texas A&M and Host of the Sales Lab Podcast
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For decades cold calling has functioned with the same care as a drunk frat boy about to try an early morning balcony backflip. Shout, "YOLO," take the leap, and brace for pain because you know it isn't likely to end well. Trust Call challenges this reckless business practice and breathes new life into an activity that has remained largely unchanged for longer than most readers of this book have been alive. We have sophisticated processes and systems for engaging customers in every other stage of their decision journeys, yet when it comes to making initial contact with a prospect, we've stooped to essentially advising salespeople to do the wrong thing with such vigorous frequency that eventually they can win the "numbers game." No, call me idealistic, but we should be trying to do the wrong thing less often, maybe even never! Trust Call tells us we need to do better. More than that - it shows us how to do better.
Kevin Fein
Kevin FeinVP Strategic Sales, Moen
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For any business looking to harness the power of person to person sales calls,Trust Call offers a unique and valuable perspective on how to drive revenue through outreach strategies. I have personally experienced the benefits of this crucial mindset as a client of Ryans for the past 3 years. The results are black and white, the strategy is proven and shows results, and any business can benefit from reading this remarkable book. There are mundane “cold call” strategies and then there is Trust Call.
Blake Johnston
Blake JohnstonCEO & Founder, OutboundView
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So many sales books are based on theory. What makes Trust Call so compelling is it's built off of concrete data of what works and what doesn't. The methodology is also proven across all industries. This book is extremely practical and a must-read for any sales professional trying to find and close more qualified sales opportunities.